Jinay Shah

Food can last you a week, money can last a few months or few years but good Education lasts a lifetime. This primarily summarizes why I want to run for and support the Asha Foundation. Having born and raised in India, it is difficult to see poverty and economic struggles of the common man. The government can provide financial support, food and a decent education. However, it often gets overlooked and not much emphasis is given on Education. A good education not only helps alleviate poverty but adds a responsible human to our planet. An investment in education provides a great returns in the future. I heard about Asha for Education from one of my uncles who ran with Asha for Education in a Half Marathon in Arizona. I learned more about the foundation from various individuals and the website itself. I was amazed by looking at what the organization strives to acheive. The foundation invests in right projects at the right time and makes the most out of the money spent. I would hereby like to run the 2017 Chicago Marathon for Asha for Education. I pledge and raise $500 or more for the foundation. Thank you for the opportunity and I am excited to support the foundation for the future.

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