Kabir’s First Birthday

Sarvesh and I want to teach Kabir the importance of giving back and being grateful for everything we have. Growing up Kushal and I donated books and food to homeless kids and orphanages on our birthdays every year. Our parents also volunteer at villages to teach the citizens how to achieve sustainable livelihoods. Sarvesh and his parents supported the families of their household help encouraging their kids to finish school and college. We want to start the same tradition for Kabir and continue giving back. Asha is great medium for all of us who are far away from home to support the cause we believe in. For his first birthday we would like you all donate to Swadhar instead of getting him a gift. It is a great project as it serves all age groups and provides not only education but a learning environment and community center for all to help them acquire the skills and confidence to succeed in real life.

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