Francisco A Borges

If there is one superpower that can change socio economic conditions in a single generation that is education. Yet, after 70 years of Independence, over 20 million children still remain out-of-school in India. These children are not only deprived of their right to receive an education, but they lose their childhood to earn bread for a living. More than 60% of children drop out before completing 3rd grade and according to the Institute for Policy Research Studies (PRS), nearly 50% of students dropped out by 11th grade. With the existence of such staggering numbers, the proper implementation of the Right to Education Act is yet to be made.

Good education is a fundamental right of every child. Our governments do a lot to deliver on this promise of educating every child. However, this is not enough and public- private initiatives need to be taken to make sure no child is left out without basic education. If the child is not coming to school, school must go to the child. Many families even today cannot afford to send their child to school but also need the child to work to feed the family. So, the work for ASHA for education is important and necessary. Help empower the underprivileged by providing access to education. ASHA for education is celebrating 25 years of this noble service.

I started running in 2006 starting with 10 miles in Antwerp to slowing moving up to my first marathon also in Antwerp in 2012. Each year I run a marathon with several goals in minds but the topmost is supporting a charity.

This year I am very proud to raise money for ASHA for education and do my small bit in life making initiatives. Please join me in this effort by making your contribution for ASHA for Education.

  • Investment in education results in billions of dollars of social and economic benefits for society at large.
  • Improved education creates more stable employment and have a responsible citizen.
  • Graduating from high school improves the quality of health
  • Education provides one of the best opportunities to reduce crime and its cost to society, by helping children to gain knowledge, skills and character.
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