Kiran Pilli

I came to know about Asha foundation through a friend at my workplace, Asha for Education is an international non-profit organization with a primary focus on basic education in India. Providing education for under privileged children is very noble. I am very excited to be a part for such a noble cause. Education is a necessity for every child around the world, education provides an opportunity for them to gain knowledge and skills to make better decisions to improve the standard of life. Families who cannot afford to send children to school instead send them out to earn money for livelihood but get trapped in vicious cycle of poverty and bad choices that not only affects their personal life it also has an astounding effect on society in large.

Running experience:

I have started running few years ago, initially did few half marathons. Last year I completed my first Marathon. Crossing the finish line on my first marathon was an out of the world feeling and life changing moment. Felt very powerful and invincible. I started running as a good exercise routine to keep my body fit and healthy, but it has grown to be more than just physical exercise, it is kind of a meditation for me, after every long run my body and mind are at peace.

Now when I look back, more than finishing the marathon it is the whole process that attracts me to it again. Dedication and discipline involved in running for marathon has changed my lifestyle, priorities and mindset. I am going to run Chicago Marathon 2021 for Asha for Education, running that can help underprivileged children will make me more dedicated.

I am reaching out to you all to be a part of my journey that can help children educate and empower them with necessary tools for brighter future.

Corporate Matching: You can maximize the impact of your donation by getting it matched by your company. Most of the companies match donations from employees to Asha for Education. You can verify on the confirmation webpage after you donate to verify if your company matches the donation. All donations are 100% tax deductible (Tax ID: 770 45 9884).

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