Raksha Venkat


Revathi Kadari

I have been an active core member for Asha UFlorida chapter since 2014. As I believe in Asha’s cause strongly, I have now gotten myself involved in overlooking Chicago chapter projects and activities.


Chandan Dasgupta



Anushree Ray



Hemalatha Bhoopathy

I want to contribute my time to help few kids. I get satisfied and there the joy of life begins.



Christy Sophia



Kaiz Asif

Asha’s philosophy of impacting education as a catalyst for change attracts me towards it. I completely believe that true upliftment of the underprivileged can only happen through education.

Veena Sriram 



Vikram Bhatnagar


Payal Tiwari

The projects run by Asha for Education are very impactful and interesting. I want to work at a position where I can be directly linked with these projects and be involved in decision-making process. I want to make an impact on the development and growth of these projects through innovative ideas, critical thinking, and troubleshooting, skills that I have acquired and use every day in my Ph.D.

Ravi KumarVivek Iyer 

I want to give back to children’s causes and support associated charities in my hometown Pune.


Natalie Foster

I joined Asha Chicago Chapter based on my belief that every kid has the right to education (and the outside support to be able to succeed). I value that Asha works directly with local organizations to ensure that the exact needs of the kids are met and that Asha is 100% volunteer based.


Tejaswini Nama


Guneet Thakral

Asha for Education’s efforts of improvement in India’s rural society is a very inspiring movement that I am honored to be a part of. I believe that the only sustainable solution to improving the conditions of an underprivileged society is to teach its children. Being able to work with Asha for Education and help even one of these children get on their path to independence is an achievement for me.


Tathagata DasguptaAnnapurna Banerjee

I strongly believe education can bring positive change in the society. Being able to contribute to, for education in India from Chicago is exciting.


Ratuja Reddy

I have been looking for a way to promote change in India while I am working in the US. Asha really speaks to me as someone who was born in India and wants the opportunity to give back to the community she comes from.



Vivek Rupwal

I believe education is for everyone.

Gaurav Joshi
Mohini Moharir

I read about Asha for Education online. The remarkable contribution of Asha in educating underprivileged has amazed me. I would like to help as much as I can in this noble task.

Veena Venkatswaran

The idea of being able to contribute effectively to the kids back in India in ways that create direct impact is inspiring to me. I have worked previously in the education development sector in India and I am more than happy to spend time with like-minded individuals in Chicago striving towards creating a better life for the underresourced kids in India.