Akhil Patel


Hello everyone!

My name is Akhil Patel and I am SUPER excited to be running the 2023 Chicago Marathon with Asha!

Pushing the limits of my body and mind has always been one of my goals. Despite running two previous Half Marathons and completing two Chicago Triathlons, I never thought I would actually sign up for the full Chicago Marathon, but after seeing friends complete it and seeing an incredible organization such as Asha being a charity partner, I said to myself that I have to do this and what better way than in the name of a great cause.

I was born and raised in the US, but my family roots go back to India with my dad growing up in Ahmedabad and my wife growing up in Vadodara. Youth Education has always been a passion of mine as I believe that it is the single biggest thing that makes a difference in a persons life. Knowing that access to basic education in India can be a struggle for many children, I felt that I have to make a difference even if it is in the smallest way. This is why I am absolutely honored to have discovered Asha for Education and been provided the privilege to run on their behalf in order to make a difference in the lives of children in India.

Corporate Matching: You can maximize the impact of your donation by getting it matched by your company. Most of the companies match donations from employees to Asha for Education. You can verify on the confirmation webpage after you donate to verify if your company matches the donation. All donations are 100% tax deductible (Tax ID: 770 45 9884).

Feel free to reach out to me or chicago@ashanet.org for any questions.

Thank you!

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