Madhusudan Nanjanagud

What is the very first step we all take when we are struggling to upgrade our skills – attend a class or meet up with a mentor or reach out for help. Luckily we all figure out a path to move forward. Now, imagine the situation of those underprivileged boys and girls in India below the poverty line struggling to get basic form of education. A 10 year old has no choice other than earning a livelihood and taking care of family members, naturally education stands a little or very often no chance of pursuance. For these underprivileged people in India, education is perceived as a high-priced luxury, and this negative outlook continues on with every new generation. I personally have witnessed these struggles and even my early childhood was in one of those schools were free mid-day meals were served to encourage kids to attend the school.

I am reaching out to you all to be part this movement to enable these kids to breakaway and pursue education to improve their walks of life for future generation. There has been many efforts in this space. One that I am passionate about and closely working is Asha for Education foundation. With 1500+ volunteers, Asha for Education is marching ahead with its mission to catalyze socio-economic change in India through the education of underprivileged children (Ref

I am going to run Chicago Marathon 2020 and create more awareness of this challenge in front of us.

You can help as well. I am requesting you to please contribute via any token of donations to help achieve this mission.

Thank you in advance for all your contributions.

Asha Foundation Silicon Valley Chapter has many key projects across the country. To know more about this, please check out – I will personally volunteer and work closely with team to ensure the donations are best utilized in these amazing projects.

Come join hands to ensure no child is left behind!

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