Somayaji Bulusu

I am training to run the Chicago Marathon on October 13, 2019, and raising awareness and funds
for Asha for Education, a non-profit organization, working to bring socio-economic change in
India through education of underserved children. Serving the children in need is giving back a
part of what you are given, and it is serving the whole.

Why run for this cause?
We all are very fortunate to be in the place where we are today and to have choices in life. There
are millions of children in India who do not have a choice but to work as child laborers. Most of
them grow up without ever going to a school, not knowing what it would have been like to get an
education. This is an effort to give them a choice to get educated. A choice to experience a
better life and a chance to be a child again.

Training for a marathon requires a lot of time commitment and hard work. However, I am
constantly motivated knowing that the funds I raise could mean the difference between education
and poverty for some less fortunate children. I also learned that training for marathon turns
ordinary people into seekers and my time has come to be part of this noble cause which is a truly
gratifying and magical experience. I sincerely hope that you would join me in this humble

1500 USD Target
1500 USD Raised
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