Yogesh Deshmukh


I have been affiliated with the Asha UFlorida chapter of Asha for Education (AfE) for 9 years and been raising funds all these years to primarily support the education initiatives stewarded by its volunteers. There is total transparency when it comes to the decision-making process for selecting projects across India and disbursing funds to them, and accountability demanded from the non-profit in return. Hence the 4-star (highest) rating awarded by Charity Navigator to AfE. Volunteering for such an organization has given a new meaning and purpose to my life.

I have done many half-marathons in the past 5 years but only one marathon, the Washington DC Marine Corps. My goal is to better the finish time by at least an hour, under the tutelage of Asha UF coaches Rick Swenson and Dana Moser. I also hope to beat my personal best for the amount ever raised through a similar endeavor. So many of you have answered my call in the years past and generously made tax-deductible contributions, which gave me the confidence to sign up for a charity spot at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 13, 2019.

The road to the finish line will be long, grueling and will require a lot of discipline and commitment to training for it. But all of this pales in contrast to the smile brought to an innocent child’s face who will, for once, have an opportunity to receive basic education and make the most of their life’s potential, thanks to your donations. So, let us join forces and work together towards a better and brighter future.

Please consider donating to my cause.

If you are feeling extra generous, please consider sharing my page with your network or check with your employer if they will match your donation to make the most out of your generosity.

Visit https://uflorida.ashanet.org/ for information about the chapter and its projects. Asha for Education is a secular, volunteer-run 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to bringing about a socio-economic change through education.


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