Asha Trust - Navjyoti Swawalamban Sewa Sansthan 

Project Brief: The organization provides primary education in 2 main centers and non-formal education in about 8 centers. The organization also runs vocational training centers and supports various social causes.
Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: children who are working

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Austin
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Gaurav Agarwal
Project Partner(s): Nandlal Master
Other Contacts: Kshitij Srivastava
Project Address: , Village Nagepur (Usrapatti),Nagepur,Post Benipur,
Tel: 91-542-2632433
Stewarding Chapter: Austin
Sep 2021AustinUSD 7443
Aug 2021General FundsUSD 11372
Aug 2021AustinUSD 9953
Jun 2021AustinUSD 5269
May 2021AustinUSD 5171
Nov 2020AustinUSD 9370
Aug 2020AustinUSD 9306
Jul 2020General FundsUSD 12625
Apr 2020BangaloreINR 150000
Nov 2019AustinUSD 13001
Oct 2019ChicagoUSD 508
Aug 2019General FundsUSD 12387
Dec 2018ChicagoUSD 14999
Aug 2018NYC/NJUSD 15558
Nov 2017NYC/NJUSD 16803
Sep 2017ChicagoUSD 17104
Dec 2016UVA CharlottesvilleUSD 2538
Dec 2016General FundsUSD 11268
Nov 2016NYC/NJUSD 14107
Jul 2016ChicagoUSD 679
Jun 2016ChicagoUSD 14188
Dec 2015NYC/NJUSD 11932
Jul 2015ChicagoUSD 12360
Nov 2014ChicagoUSD 10397
May 2014ChicagoUSD 14554
Sep 2013ChicagoUSD 10981
Sep 2013ChicagoUSD 8716
May 2013ChicagoUSD 38955
Jul 2012ChicagoUSD 20431
Feb 2012ChicagoUSD 4465
Nov 2011ChicagoUSD 5500
Aug 2011ChicagoUSD 5280
Aug 2011ChicagoUSD 5280
Jun 2011AthensUSD 1200
May 2011ChicagoUSD 1334
Feb 2011ChicagoUSD 4685
Jul 2010ChicagoUSD 11382
Mar 2010ChicagoUSD 2500
Feb 2010ChicagoUSD 5193
Jul 2009ChicagoUSD 3750
Mar 2009NYC/NJUSD 502
Mar 2009ChicagoUSD 3750
Dec 2008ChicagoUSD 640
Dec 2008ChicagoUSD 4288
Sep 2008ChicagoUSD 4288
Jun 2008ChicagoUSD 4288
Mar 2008ChicagoUSD 4288
Mar 2008ChicagoUSD 4288
Jan 2008ChicagoUSD 2358
Sep 2007ChicagoUSD 2336
Sep 2007ChicagoUSD 1751
Jul 2007ChicagoUSD 2309
May 2007ChicagoUSD 2132
Feb 2007ChicagoUSD 4482
Dec 2006ChicagoUSD 11000
Dec 2006ChicagoUSD 6700
Jun 2004ChicagoUSD 12500
Feb 2004ChicagoUSD 2500
Sep 2003ChicagoUSD 2724
Feb 2003ChicagoUSD 2500
Aug 2002ChicagoUSD 2500
Dec 2001ChicagoUSD 5000
Jun 1999NYC/NJUSD 600

Total = $473538

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The organization provides primary education in 2 main centers and non-formal education in about 10 centers including 6 kishori kendras and more than 30 self help groups in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The organization also runs vocational training centers and supports various social causes. Asha Chicago provides support for teachers' salaries, training and school supplies.

Starting March 2009, Navjyoti is beginning a pilot initiative to evaluate the impact of the interactive learning material procured from Aziz Premji Foundation. This initiative is being financially supported by Asha NYC.
1. To provide primary education and non-formal education to underprevileged children.
2. Pay special attention to the education of girls, develop awareness about
their rights through education. by providing non formal education and vocational training
to the young and married women.
3. To develop in the people of village the capacity to solve their problems
through selh help groups, vocational centers, awareness campaigns and workshops.
The organization does its education work in the various villages of Aaraji line block at district Vanarasi. People manufacture Banarasi saris in most of the villages of Aaraji line. Many people, due to their poverty, have to employ their children to manufacture the saris. So children are deprived of fundamental education.
All government and non-government schools are run at day time and most of the girls of the area can't go to school. Keeping all these things in mind, firstly an evening school at Usarapatti village was opened on 13 August, 1994. For it, donation and contribution was taken from village. An evening school was opened so that children could get education without leaving their work and likewise later other centers were opened at different villages by motivating the people of these villages.
At present, in ten centers and 2 formal schools approximately 700 children are getting education. The programs are running with the co-operation of villagers and respected by the people of these areas. All the teachers and workers are associated with a voluntary spirit.

Education center takes inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave, Lok Nayak Jayprakash Narayan. This program is going on actively based on thoughts of these great men. To help in smooth running of these centers an organization 'Navjyoti Swavlamban Seva Sansthan' was registered on 9th April 1999.
Additional Phone Numbers:
Nandlal Master (Overall Coordinator): 91-941-530-0520