Gramya Sansthan 

Project Brief: Gramya actively participates in helping the 10 villages of Naughad taluka. Here Gramya has undertaken activities such as: Bal Kendra for children who do not go to school, self independence of women, and group activities.
Project Type: Alternative Education (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: girls

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Chicago
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward:
Project Partner(s): Bindu Singh
Other Contacts: Chandan Dasgupta
Project Address: , L-40, VDA Colony, Chandmari,Lalpur II, Lamhi, Sarnath,Varanasi,
Tel: 011 91 05422290120
Stewarding Chapter: Chicago
Jan 2024ChicagoUSD 7450
Jan 2024ChicagoUSD 15860
Aug 2023ChicagoUSD 15942
Oct 2022ChicagoUSD 29028
Jul 2022ZurichCHF 6877
Nov 2021ChicagoUSD 27216
Sep 2021ZurichCHF 6345
Dec 2020ChicagoUSD 1508
Sep 2020ChicagoUSD 12616
Aug 2020ChicagoUSD 10836
Apr 2020ZurichCHF 4650
Nov 2019ChicagoUSD 17900
Sep 2019ChicagoUSD 18041
Jul 2019ZurichCHF 3776
Dec 2018ChicagoUSD 17038
Sep 2018ChicagoUSD 16904
Dec 2017ChicagoUSD 18176
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Nov 2016ChicagoUSD 7534
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Dec 2015ChicagoUSD 12911
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Nov 2005SeattleUSD 3000
Oct 2003ChicagoUSD 3085
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Dec 2002ChicagoUSD 2712
Dec 2001ChicagoUSD 1703

Total = $530486.821904

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Gramya sansthan has been active in UPÂ’s most backward taluka, Naugarh (district Chandholi) since 1996. Naugarh district was divided into 10 villages to improve its social, economic and educational situation. The main focus of the organization is related to human rights, violence against women, and child development. The Mooltaya adivasi tribe resides in this place, which is surrounded by mountains. In this economically, socially and politically backward tribe the literacy rate is 22%. Female literacy is only 8%. Due to the lack of irrigation facilities and unfertile land, there is little agriculture in this area. Because of this reason, this tribe is known for poverty and hunger. It is a Dalit and tribal community where the number of the girls is more than the boys. They are facing many social, political and economic problems. There is one Govt. school which is very far from the village

Gramya, in consolation, actively participates in helping the 10 villages of Naughad taluka. Gramya has undertaken activities such as: Bal Kendra for children who do not go to school, self independence of women, and group activities involving both men and women of the tribe.
To teach the tribal children who are deprived of education and promote awareness and importance of education and overall development.
(a) Short Term:
(i) Ensuring quality education (the development rights of the children) to the Marginalised Children of Dalit Community i.e. Musahars & Chamar alongwith Children of Minorities.
­(ii) Ensure participation of community in the Management of Education Centre and sensitize the community towards children education along with enrollment of girls.

(b) Long Term:
(i) Making the community empowered so that they may analysis and seek possible sustainable solutions to their problems.
(ii) Strengthening of People’s Union so that they may be able to demand schools from the Government and be sensitive towards ensuring education to all children along with securing other child rights as contained in the UN Charter.
GRAMYA is a ten year old organisation. Earlier CRY funding agency was giving financial support to it but it is no longer supporting it now. Gramya is basically a grassroot organisation which is working a rural areas particularly in Navgarh region which is 90 km. far from the Varanasi city. The main focus of the work is related to the human rights but Gramya is also working for the women and child development. Navgarh is dense forest area and village is situated between the dense forest. so, there is no communication, transport electricity facilities.

Since 1996 GRAMYA is working for child education of NAVGARH area. Earlier they had started a Junior High School only for girls, but now Gramya wants to run a co-ed school because there is no alternative education center in nearby area. There is only one Govt. school which is very far from the main village. In this area the number of the girls is more than the boys. It is a Dalit and tribal community. So they are facing many social, political and economic problems. The main source of economy is agriculture so the primary income is coming from farming. In this region the condition of women is bad. They work in other people's land on lease but they don't get equal wages campared to men. For some reason sucidal tendency among women is on the increase. Because of this the family atmosphere and health of children is getting affected. Gram Sabha had donated a land to Gramya where a building of one room has been constructed. This is where the junior high school is running. There are 50 students. So the classes are held in shifts. Now the organisation's main intervention is in the area of child education and awareness. Financial support is sought from Asha for strengthening the education programme in this backward area.
Other Activities:

1. Children activities:
Education (non-traditional and pre-primary)
Health protection / Examination / Health education
Leadership and cultural activities

2. Awareness activities:
Awareness programs for health, unity, panchayat, independence of women, non-traditional education centers etc.

3. Livelihood related programs:
Problem of section 20 law
Onwership of forest and land goods
Self-help activities

Additional Phone Numbers:
Bindu Singh (Overall Coordinator): 91-941-522-2597 (cell)
91-542-229-0720 (home)
Surendra (Coordinator): +91-9415201587
Neetu (Coordinator): +91-9452822208.