Aralu - Belaku 

Project Brief: The project is envisaged to bring overall development in the target group of children through rehabilitation, education, skill development including learning, training and production for self-sustenance - residential home for orphans and street kids
Project Type: Child Home (description)
Primary Focus: orphans (description)

Secondary Focus: children of dalits/tribals

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Chicago
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Ranjita Radhakrishna
Project Partner(s): Meril K.T
Other Contacts: Tata Venkata
Project Address: , c/o K.T. Meril, Jerusalem Colony,behind Jerusalem Colony,Bidar,
Tel: 91-08482-224160
Stewarding Chapter: Chicago
Jan 2024ChicagoUSD 7606
Apr 2023ChicagoUSD 7723
Oct 2022ChicagoUSD 7405
Oct 2021ChicagoUSD 7094
Aug 2021ChicagoUSD 799
Aug 2021ChicagoUSD 8202
Aug 2020ChicagoUSD 6303
Nov 2019ChicagoUSD 15252
Aug 2019NYC/NJUSD 11341
Jul 2018ChicagoUSD 21562
Dec 2017NYC/NJUSD 11127
May 2017ChicagoUSD 11111
Nov 2016NYC/NJUSD 7770
Jul 2016ChicagoUSD 660
May 2016ChicagoUSD 10774
Dec 2015NYC/NJUSD 6570
May 2015ChicagoUSD 7181
Oct 2014ChicagoUSD 6772
May 2014ChicagoUSD 6897
Nov 2013ChicagoUSD 0
Nov 2013ChicagoUSD 5227
Mar 2013ChicagoUSD 6144
Dec 2012ChicagoUSD 6255
May 2012ChicagoUSD 4877
Oct 2011ChicagoUSD 6092
Jul 2011ChicagoUSD 6807
May 2011ChicagoUSD 3398
May 2011ChicagoUSD 3428
Jun 2010ChicagoUSD 6786
Dec 2009ChicagoUSD 2829
Sep 2009ChicagoUSD 2752
Jul 2009ChicagoUSD 2671
Jun 2009NYC/NJUSD 351
May 2009Work an HourUSD 656
Mar 2009ChicagoUSD 2548
Mar 2009ChicagoUSD 4047
Jan 2009Work an HourUSD 2655
Aug 2008Work an HourUSD 3106
Jun 2008ChicagoUSD 2240
Jun 2008Work an HourUSD 3086
Apr 2008Work an HourUSD 3303
Jan 2008ChicagoUSD 3346
Aug 2007ChicagoUSD 3241
Apr 2007ChicagoUSD 6093
Mar 2007ChicagoUSD 3014
Dec 2006ChicagoUSD 5130
Nov 2006SeattleUSD 5020
Dec 2005SeattleUSD 4800

Total = $272051

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Asha Chicago supports the operational expenses of the Belaku home. This is a residential center for orhpans and street kids in villages outside Bidar. The students nurtured, nourished and motivated to join mainstream schooling and thereby strive to grow up to be productive citizens.

Currently, Asha supports 20 children who live in the residential home. The ratio of girls to boys is approximately 2:1. The age of the children is in the range of 7 - 18. The funding from Asha Chicago for the Belaku Center supports food, health care, daily living expenses, cost of their education, field trips, etc. The children study in nearby government schools.

Asha Chicago also provides financial support to have staff at the residential home. Currently, there is a warden who lives in the residential home, along with two cooks. Since most of the children are first generation learners and come to the residential home at a very young age, a tuition teacher comes every evening for a few hours to help the children with their studies.

The children are screened and selected by Aralu. The focus is on kids who end up on the street or become child labourers under varied circumstances such as
1. due to the death of their parents and lack of a good caring guardian,
2. one or more parents have abandoned them to seek work elsewhere

The philosophy behind the residential home is that in the absence of the environment provided to these children in the residential home, they would be deprived of education, would not be able to have a positive future and might become victims of problems such as child labour.

The center also has a plantation and dairy farm that is being nurtured by the children and staff and serves as a long term sustained support for them.

The children who now live and learn in this center named "Prashanti-Kutir" are slowly taking steps with the love and support of Aralu's staff to develop into confident individuals in the future.
Bidar district of Karnataka is declared as a drought prone area. The basic necessities of life like food, water, shelter and fodder for cattle are scarce. Working children, orhpans, abandoned children will be identified for rehabilitation.

The program plans to provide food and a home for these children. The program will help the children develop as independent self confident individuals with guidance given for capacity building, child rights and education.
ARALU, is a secular, non-profit, Non-political non-governmental voluntary welfare organisation registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act of 1960 and also registered under foreign contribution regulation act 1976. They operate in the backward and drought prone areas of the Bidar district. Long term objectives include integrated rural development, social and environmental awareness, education facilities, and develop depressed sections of the society. Their activities include education of children, child rights education, self help groups for the mahila sangha, watershed and agricultural development program.