Aralu Pre Primary-care Centers

Aralu PPC (Pre Primary-care Centers), in Bidar district (Karnataka, India), is an initiative by a local NGO for children under 6 years. The two centers supported by Asha are in Yedlapur and Mirjapur villages in rural Bidar district. Rural Bidar is a drought stricken area with a lot of poverty and the families are typically farm laborers. Majority of the kids are first time learners. In the Asha sponsored primary care center setting, the children typically are at school between 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM. They are also provided with a mid-day meal prepared at the center. All of the kids from PPC eventually attend the local secondary school. The kids have a head-start on the basics of Kannada or English alphabet by the time they start in the government secondary school.

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