Running a marathon is a true opportunity for tremendous personal accomplishment. It is a life-changing experience, an achievement to be proud of for the rest of your life, and it feels even better when you know the months of training you undergo will make difference in lives of India’s underprivileged children. Although not an easy feat by any measure, contrary to common thinking, running a marathon is something that can be taken up by people of all abilities. All you need is a strong desire, a little time commitment, and let Team Asha take care of your training and motivational needs.

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Asha for Education is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization so all donations via the Team Asha running the program are also tax exempt.



 Runner Project supported  Goal Raised
Swati Saxena $1500 $4373
Shailesh Virani $1500 $2496
Prasad Deshmukh $1500 $1626
Gauri Jog $1500 $2500
Somayaji Bulusu $1500 $1500
Prasanna SeshadriAralu-PPC $1500 $1500
Yogesh Sharma $1500 $0
Veena ChordiaAralu-PPC $1500 $530
Moulik Tank $1500 $750
Yasmin Gulabjan $1500 $670
Sudhir Bhat $1500 $1500
Durga NatesanAralu-PPC $1500 $1500
Natesan RamananAralu-PPC $1500 $1500
Revathi Kadari $1500 $1935
Satya Reddy $1500 $1500
Tanmay KulkarniSwadhar $1500 $1900
Yogesh Deshmukh $1500 $2868
Ciara DelaneyAralu-PPC $1500 $1395
Prasad Krishnappa $1500 $1370
Deepak YintiAralu-Belaku $1500 $1554
Nitesh DixitAralu-Belaku $1500 $2543
Ashwin RamanSwadhar $1500 $390
Srinivasrao GaddeAralu-Belaku $1500 $1050
Charudatta PableGramya Sansthan $1500 $1500
Soumya RameshSwadhar $1500 $1910
Prolay Krishna ChandaGramya Sansthan $1500 $756
Ivana JakimovskaGramya Sansthan$1500 $650


TEAM ASHA – 2018 BOA Marathon

 Runner Project supported  Goal Raised
Ratuja Reddy  Aralu-PPC $1500 $985
 Jayaprakash Venugopal Gramya Sansthan $1500 $1250
 Vivek Rupwal Aralu-Belaku $1500 $800
 Sarbani Roy Navjyoti Sansthan $1500 $1500
 Payal Tiwari Gramya Sansthan $1500 $2905
 Ivana Jakimovska Gramya Sansthan $1500 $2683
 Parag Doshi Gramya Sansthan $1500 $3000


How can Asha help you?

Asha is a worldwide community of motivated individuals who are dedicated to helping others. We have a number of veteran runners, who have run in previous marathons for Asha since 2011. We will help you with:

  • Info sessions throughout the training period (nutrition, hydration, equipment, training, etc.)
  • Mentors to guide through the training and fundraising process
  • Happy hours and team get-together with fellow runners and Asha members
  • Team Asha running t-shirt to wear during the race
  • Pre-race reception dinner


How does your contribution help?















A sum of 1500 USD will help four children for a year to do the following things:

  • Buy books, pencils, crayons, educational toys
  • Buy school uniform
  • Buy food supplies for the child in residential centers
  • Enable the child to attend personality development workshops
  • Enable the child to participate in educational field-trips for hands-on learning


Why run for Asha?

Asha for Education’s mission is to catalyze a socio-economic change in India by educating underprivileged children. In the last 26 years, Asha for Education has helped shape more than 50,000 lives through 400+ educational projects across India. By running the marathon for Asha you are helping us take that message to the world and your efforts will directly help to kindle curiosity and bravery in the minds of a number of young Indians.

A bit about Asha

Charity Navigator has awarded Asha for Education 4-star (highest rating) charity status.

Charity navigator as of March 1 2016 - please check for updated rating














Asha for Education recently won the prestigious Times of India Social Impact Award 2015. We received the “Best Indian NGO in the US” award from Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) in 2013.










Here’s a glimpse of CNN’s coverage of Asha’s work-